Get It Off Ya Chest


This blog post is about Evan Turner and his comments regarding his preference of facing the Bulls over the Heat in the first round, which will come to frution tomorrow. But first, a few paragraphs about the current state of Bulls fans.

Chicago Bulls fans are an overly emotional bunch. For as much as we like to think we’re a collectively thick-skinned and tough-minded group, recent situations prove otherwise. Or perhaps we’ve always been this way and I’m just now noticing. Continue reading

Black Mamba in….”The Silence of the Fans”


Written by Brandon Bombay

*Rigo’s Note: It’s been a crazy few weeks for the usual NYILL team, but luckily my guy Brandon Bombay blessed us with this interesting take on Kobe Bryant. Follow him on twitter @BrandonBombay


Uniformly accepted around the NBA is the idea that Kobe Bryant is a ‘killer’, but what type of killer is he?

During the climax of All Star Weekend, a competitive and highlight stuffed All Star Game, Kobe Bryant had a clear path under the basket, but Dwyane Wade employed an unprecedented (for an All Star Game) “Jordan Rules’” type foul which resulted in light concussion along with a nasal fracture for the fourteen-time All Star.  When news hit the internet that Bryant had a broken nose, Twitter was abuzz with Rip Hamilton-esque mask suggestions.  One thread beckoned Kobe to sport a Black Mamba inspired mask which, tying in with the snake theme, led to campaigning for a Cobra Commander maskContinue reading

Oden Undun

Things fall apart.

That was the first thought that came to my mind upon hearing about Greg Oden’s latest and quite possibly final setback. The chronically injured Portland Trailblazers center required yet another microfracture surgery, bringing the tally of such surgeries to three, two on his left knee and one on his right. His body has fallen apart. His career has fallen apart. The hopes and dreams of a proud franchise have fallen apart right along with them. Continue reading

Shooting Stars

“For every Rip Hamilton, there’s five Eddie Griffins/ 10 Len Biases/ a hundred Ben Wilsons/ a thousand Will Gates/ daddy always told me that you seal your own fate” – Knaledge, Kidz in the Hall

A shooting star is nothing more than the visible part of a meteor that reaches the Earth’s atmosphere. However, it has come to symbolize other things, such as something you wish upon, or something that’s brilliant for a short amount of time before fleeing our eyesight. It’s that second interpretation of what a shooting star symbolizes that the title of this post alludes to. Continue reading

Things Fall Apart

And I’m not talking about the book, the Roots album or that movie where 50 Cent wore dreads so awful looking that he made Mekhi Phifer in 8 Mile seem like he was straight from the islands. I’m talking about the train wreck that is the New York Knicks. What was thought to be the “best front court in the league” are slowly and painfully proving to be Moe, Larry and Curley of the Atlantic division. Maybe even the entire league. Continue reading

Ruminations on the White Mamba

Let me preface this post with a couple things.

First of all, it’s nice to be here. Yes, I’m the same Jeremy Woo who was featured in an interview last week. I’m happy to say I’ve officially joined the NYILL team (thanks guys) and will try and get up on here at least once a week as my schedule allows. If you’d like to know more about me, here is a good place to start.

Second, for those of you who couldn’t care less about Chicago sports, I apologize for the second Bulls-related post in the last 24 hours. Had to get this off my chest. Enjoy. Continue reading

Still Sleeping

I came across an article on Eddie Maisonet’s excellent The Sports Fan Journal website called “The Ten Most Unappreciated Players In The NBA Today” by Joe Simmons.

Now, it was a well-written article and it is strictly one man’s opinion, so I’m not going to sit here and bash the article, but I couldn’t help but notice one glaring omission – Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls. Continue reading

Q&A with Dan Poneman

“So Jeremy was telling me you’re up at Alaska. Tell me about that, how did you end up there?”

Within two minutes of my phone conversation with Chicago high school basketball scout Daniel Poneman, I found myself feeling like I was the one being interviewed, but in a good way.

This was to be expected, I suppose. I rarely speak on the phone, and when I do it nearly always is with my lovely wife, and consists primarily of me asking her how our kids are doing while I’m at work, or letting her know my estimated time of arrival from work. Continue reading