Save the Next Dance: Reflecting on Northwestern’s Season

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I’d been waiting to pass judgment on Northwestern’s season until it ended.

With the full run of emotions that accompanied being a fan of these particular Wildcats, it seemed only right to wait until the end, whenever it was, to articulate my thoughts. That end came last night in Seattle at the hands of Washington.

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Black Mamba in….”The Silence of the Fans”


Written by Brandon Bombay

*Rigo’s Note: It’s been a crazy few weeks for the usual NYILL team, but luckily my guy Brandon Bombay blessed us with this interesting take on Kobe Bryant. Follow him on twitter @BrandonBombay


Uniformly accepted around the NBA is the idea that Kobe Bryant is a ‘killer’, but what type of killer is he?

During the climax of All Star Weekend, a competitive and highlight stuffed All Star Game, Kobe Bryant had a clear path under the basket, but Dwyane Wade employed an unprecedented (for an All Star Game) “Jordan Rules’” type foul which resulted in light concussion along with a nasal fracture for the fourteen-time All Star.  When news hit the internet that Bryant had a broken nose, Twitter was abuzz with Rip Hamilton-esque mask suggestions.  One thread beckoned Kobe to sport a Black Mamba inspired mask which, tying in with the snake theme, led to campaigning for a Cobra Commander maskContinue reading