Chronicle Review

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Those were the famous words came from the immortal Uncle Ben. He gave us a phrase to live by and then later on blessed us with some damn good rice. But his words do ring true… in the comic book world anyway. In real life with great power comes great suffering to the inferior. But in the world where Bob Kane is Yahweh and Stan Lee is Jesus Christ, and where superheros are born through personal tragedy (Superman lost his planet, Batman lost his parents and Spiderman lost his uncle), great power is usually wielded to protect the weak. But this is all inside of a fantasy universe.

What would happen in “real life” should a deeply troubled teen somehow stumble on to great power? If that teen’s last name was Garcia and he lived in Central America he’d probably become yet another illegal alien living in the US. And If the teen happened to be black and lived in the ghetto, Dan Gilbert would somehow end up with his draft rights even if the kid didn’t play sports. But what if this deeply troubled teenager who stumbled unto greatness was Caucasian and living in Seattle? No this isn’t a movie about Kurt Cobain. Though it probably could’ve been about Eminem had it been based in Detroit.

This is a movie about Andrew Detmer (Dean DeHaan). Just your everyday outcast who’s physically bullied (cyber bullying is so last year), an only child, father is an abusive alcoholic, and mother is basically bedridden and dying slowly. The only silver lining in his life is the relationship he shares with his cousin, but even that seems more of a pity friendship than an actual family relation to the troubled Andrew.

Andrew decides to document his life with a video camera straight out of 1989, but only manages to capture the kind of abuse and misery that led to the “It Gets Better” movement.

But his life takes an unexpected turn when he, his cousin Matt (Alex Russell) and the school’s most popular black guy, Steve (Michael Jordan), accidentally find a sort of glowing organic life form underground. Once exposed to this they begin to develop superhuman powers which allow them to move things with their minds and eventually take flight like Jeremy Lin on the Washington Wizards defense.

Once the three begin to learn how to manipulate their powers it becomes clear that Andrew is far more powerful and advanced with his newfound gift. Andrew even enables his camera to float in the air and document his every movement. This secret that the three share helps them grow closer as friends and comrades, but when Andrew is reminded by his mentally and physically abusive father that his worth to humanity amounts to as much as that of a Kardashian, the kid reverts to his isolated way of life. Now armed with a brand new bag of tricks, Andrew goes Columbine and decides to take out his aggressions on anyone who’s crossed him and even those who haven’t.

Watching Andrew become the embodiment of Lord Acton’s “absolute power corrupts absolutely” quote and go from obscurity to the spotlight and on to infamy was an intense and entertaining journey. As a viewer you come to actually care about his character – as well as Steve – and want to see him win like Jeremy Lin, but as the movie progresses you want to see him go down like that Crunk sound (whatever happened to Lil Jon?). Not only is Chronicle an entertaining and thrilling piece, but it also has its share of laughs and drama. Definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen in the past year and change.

5 thoughts on “Chronicle Review

  1. At first I thought it was a typo when you said Michael Jordan was in this flick. Man, I’ve gone to the movie theater 3 times in the last 2 years, but I’ma check this out when it hits DVD.
    Great review, tho.

    • Yeah, expect for every man whose last name is Jordan to begin naming their sons Michael. I know I would. I used to LOVE going to the movies every weekend, but ever since I fell on hard times, I go once every few months.

  2. Great review, nice insight but man was i hoping for a good old Gangsta Entertainment review with the Omar edge. All the swearing, name dropping of honeys and whatnot.

    Oh well, guess we all gotta calm down at some point.

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