Retro Marred

And they said it couldn’t last. I’m refering to last week’s conversation between Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon on Pardon The Interruption where they stated that the craze over Jordan retro sneakers won’t last. Have they been paying attention to the sneaker game for the past decade and change? Are they aware of the kind of business this particular brand of sneakers produce after they’re purchased from retailers? The rap game isn’t the only thing that’s like the crack game. Like drug fiends, sneakerheads and hypebeasts alike line up for hours and even days before the release of a highly anticipated sneaker to ensure they’ll get a pair. They’ll sellout they mamas and girlfriends for a wiff of that exclusive ish! And then of course you’ll have the hustlers who resell that hard to find pair of kicks for double, triple or even quadruple the retail price. Why? Because they can. Continue reading

Q&A With Cub Buenning

I recently got with SLAM Magazine’s Cub Buenning, via email, for a question and answer session. For those of you who don’t know who Cub is, he’s a former Division I college basketball player for Brown University as well as a former coach and has been writing for SLAM for several years now, mostly about college basketball and his hometown Denver Nuggets. You can follow him on Twitter at @cubbuenning and email him at Many thanks go out to Cub for this. Continue reading

And Here We ‘Go…


Written by Bryan Crawford

62-20, best record in the NBA and a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals. That’s a pretty good season for a Chicago Bulls team many didn’t expect to eclipse the 50 win mark, considering they weren’t able to land one of the big name stars in free agency, were being led by a long-time assistant coach who was finally getting a chance to take charge of a team, and were beset by injuries to both of their key post players at various points during the season. Continue reading

It Was All Good Just a Year Ago…


I’m gonna let you all in on a little secret. Well, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a secret because I’ve never really hid it from anyone, but I’ve never really shouted it out either. I’ve been a Bulls fan since about ’89 when I was five years old and started watching MJ and them with my pops.That’s not the secret. Everyone and Benny the Bull’s momma knows I’m down with the team that reps the Madhouse on Madison. Continue reading

On Pace To Make Noise Again


Written by Allen Powell II

The Indiana Pacers are not a sexy team.

In a league defined by reluctant villains (Miami Heat), enduring royalty (Celtics, Spurs Lakers) and exciting upstarts (Clippers, Thunder, Grizzlies), the Pacers are definitely an afterthought. Much like mashed potatoes, they serve a purpose and offer some enjoyment, but nobody goes to a steakhouse for the mashed potatoes. Continue reading

NBA Season Preview: New York Knicks

Say it with me: Saint Joseph Donald Walsh. Now onto the Knicks preview.

    It began with the signing of Amare Stoudemire, heated up with a wedding toast to the dream of a whole new era, and reached fever pitch with the trade for Carmelo Anthony. Not since the New York Knicks front office announced that they had just signed newcomers Allan Houston and Chris Childs to join a squad that consisted of Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Charles Oakley, and Larry Johnson, had Knick fans had a reason to go into a season with the kind of optimism that a black athlete feels when sharing drinks with Kim Kardashian. “In there like swimwear!” Right? Well, not so fast. While we may have the best team in recent memory and arguably the greatest front court in the league and in Knicks history, we still have some hangups to really consider after we’re done slurping the Triborough Trio. Continue reading



Written By Cliff Terhune

The 2010-2011 NBA season was one of the best and most compelling in recent memory. So many good teams stepped forward and started to make legit noise. The old guard of the Lakers and the Celtics were still kicking ass like it was 2008.  A young, bull-headed rookie kind of whipped the game to his own liking in Chicago. And even on the “other” side of LA, a young man-monster emerged as this century’s Shawn Kemp, jumping over cars and everything.  In the end, a team of grizzled vets in Dallas put it all together and won a title that was well deserved. Continue reading

Forecast of Thunder


Written by Tim Harris

When this season finally starts, we will know one thing – that the pace (66 games in 120 days) is going to make a difference.  Presuming the Oklahoma City Thunder’s roster stays as is until the season starts, we also know that the oldest player in the starting lineup is 27 year-old Kendrick Perkins (granted, his knees may be 50).  Their two best players are 23 year-olds Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.  James Harden, their sixth man (or new shooting guard if Scott Brooks wakes up) and infinitely talented defensive big, Serge Ibaka, are both 22.  All of these pieces, might I add, were part of a team that won 55 games last season. Continue reading

ATL, Shawty


The Atlanta Hawks took a step back in terms of regular season wins last year, however in the playoffs they were in true postseason form as they won their first round series but bowed out in the second round for the third year in a row.  That first round against Orlando, however, might prove to one day signal the beginning of the end of the Dwight Howard era in Orlando. Continue reading

But Can They Repeat?


Written by Nicolas Fleming

In downtown Dallas, I sat at Frankie’s, a local sports bar in uptown, within walking distance of Southern Methodist University. Usually a bombardment of douchery surrounds this place, but not on this night. No, everyone here was family as we watched the Mavericks capture their first championship in the ultimate act of redemption. Continue reading